Create a buzz! Promote your business on the fastest growing marketing and advertising medium, social media networks

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Your business creating a buzz?

Create a buzz with BizVids

Social Media is the fastest growing marketing and advertising medium. Successful businesses realize the full potential of the social networks’ place in a marketing strategy and its ability to strengthen and affirm the brand. Create web videos for your website and social media networks.

BizVids by Orionvega allows you to get in front of your ideal customers and telling your story through video. Create a buzz by providing fresh, engaging, and reccurent video content to your customers and share on your website and social media platforms.

A social media video campaign is ideal for businesses that want web content to keep their current and potential customers, engaged. Many businesses post links to news and magazine sites as a best practice on their social media networks, but REAL customers want to see custom content that speaks directly to them. They WANT to be entertained, informed, and educated. Get busy and create a buzz with BizVids. Learn More...